martes, 22 de abril de 2008


Ok, today I'm writing my last post, and I don’t say goodbye, I say see you later, I want to thank all of my classmates, because I think we’re a very good group, my friends, because they were always there, helping and making me feel better.
Also I want to thank my teachers, because without them, school, wouldn’t be the same, teachers bless the future, they’re a very important element at school, without them, school will not be a school, everybody is important, I know that sometimes we have little problems, but everything has a solution.
I specially want to thank to teacher Cabrales, because he had a great idea, instead of going to the SAC, we only have to write short stories, or articles, or even to tell something about us, it’s easier, better, and you can do it from your house, at any hour.
I hope next semester we could continue with this thing, I think we learn more than going to the sac to read a book, or listening similar things that you listen at your English class, that’s so boring, just to listen a tape or even to copy exercises from books that was so boring and tired. I prefer to write on my blog and that’s all.
Sometimes I couldn’t write because all the Easter vacation I didn’t have a computer, that’s why I had t do a lot of posts on April, at first, on January, I didn’t know that we had to write twice a week, that’s why I didn’t do it, but one day, one friend told me and that’s why I started to write.
Well, thank you everybody! And see you next semester, I hope you have a great time at next summer vacation, enjoy your life!!!!

My BeST FrIenD---

Well I really don't know who my best friend is, I think I have two. Those people are very special to me, they're Lulú and Monse.
Lulú is my friend, since we were in elementary school, then at secondary school, after that at high school, and now at colleague, we are together again, also we work together, and every Friday we go to take a course together.
We never get bored about us, we spend a lot of time together, I love her, we enjoy every single second that we spend together; we are always talking, laughing, making jokes, listening to music, dancing or singing, she is very honest, patient, reliable and she’s a very nice girl.
On the other part, Monse is also my best friend because she is a very good girl, she’s very funny, if I’m with her I am always laughing, she said a lot of things that make me laugh, she so nice, and reliable, we spend a lot of time together, at school, and sometimes I go to her house or she goes to mine.
My two best friends are part of my life, I love them as if they were my sisters, sometimes we have rapport, this is like mental interconnection, like to dress the same color, to say the same things at the same time, or to think the same, I don’t know why it happens but is very funny.

My FavOrIte TeAcHer***

Now I’m going to talk about one special person to me.
She was my teacher, when I was in secondary school.

She was my teacher for two years, and then at high school for one year, she was teaching advanced English, her name is Imelda Caballero. Lulú and me were in the same English classroom, and she was our teacher, everybody loved her, because she is a very good teacher, she was always laughing,making jokes, more than our teacher, she was like our friend or even sh was like part of our family. Everything that you need, like an advice, she was always there for you, she always taking care of us, helping us and talking with us about everything, all the problems that you have or the different things that happened arround the world.

She is an example of an excellent teacher, I admire her a lot, someday, I want to be s good as she is.

Everbody at the Anglo should be very proud of having her as a teacher, I miss her a lot, I hope god bless her, for everything she is and she does.

Sleepy Hollow (The Leyend)

This is about a movie that I saw, it’s name is The leyend of Sleepy Hollow, it happened in New York City, in 1799 the detective Crane was sent by his boss, to investigate at the Sleepy Hollow army. Different people have been found without head, their heads weren’t with the body. Crane went to the town, taking with him his scientific instruments made by him. Mr. Crane was investigating the murders of the Headless Horseman. Everybody in that town told him about the headless horseman but he didn’t believe it, so he started with his investigations.
He went into a house, there was like a party, it was the Van Tassel’s house, he was supposed to stay there. Crane met the daughter of Mr. Van Tassel, her name was Katrina, and her stepmother too, the Lady Van Tassel. After a lot of things, he saw the Hormeman and now he could believe. He went to the Tree of the Death, he tried to break it and a lot of blod splashed out, all the heads of the decapitaded people were there, and inside that, the Horseman was resting.
Finally he discovered that Katrina’s stepmother, the Lady Van Tassel, sent the killer after her, because she had the horseman’s skull and she can controll him. Mr. Crane returned the skull to the Horseman, and he took Lady Van Tassel with him, all the heads were returned. When his job was finished in that town, he returned to New York taking Katrina, and young Masbath that helped him, and a new century was just starting.

LaSt SuMmEr

Last summer I went to Monterrey, my cousins and I went to the Fundidora Park, to skate on ice.
It was so faboulous, I have never gone to one place like that, I was very excited, the only bad thing is at you can only skate for one hour, and then you have to go out, when I was there, I was skating with my cousin Diana, and we were playing, suddenly, she told me that my cousin felt down, and then I stopped, and I turned back to see my cousin on the floor, I was laughing at him, and I don't know what happened, but I felt down too, and the trainer of that place, helped me to stand up, and he asked me if I was ok, and I was crying and I told him yes.
This picture was before the fall, the floor was so cold and rough, my face got red, and my hands and arms too, it was so bad, it was a very embarazing day...
All of my cousins where laughing at me! :S

lunes, 21 de abril de 2008

A Bad ExPeRieNce:_:_:_;_;

Today I'm going to talk about one horrible thing...

Two years ago, on my birthday, i started to feel bad, Ican't stand my stomach, it was so stressful, I have a stomach ache that I couldn't control.

All the day I felt bad, it was so sad, because it was my birthday!!!!

I was really sad that everybody was happy, and I was so tired and with that ache.

I vomited several times, and I came back from school, I went to my house, I ate some medicine, I drank apple juice and crakets.

After all that, my brother gave me a surprise, he prepared me a lasagne, the smell was really good, it was so delicious, but I couldn't eat. So I was sick!!!!

Two years later, I went to the doctor, she made me endoscopy, and she told me that I have five gastric ulcers and one hiatal hernia, well I have no idea of what was this, so I asked her, and she told me that is something like if the stomach was going up, and it was like going inside the esophago and it causes a reflux, she told me that this was very common, especially in people over 50 years old, but I was only 18, I don't know what happened.

That's why sometimes a have terrible stomach aches.

Now I'm on a diet, but I have to eat medicine too, four pills pair day, my diet is not a normal diet, it's a really horrible diet, because I can't eat anything!!!!

Is horrible that everybody eats everything and I can't eat!!!

I can only eat some fruits, one vegetable, chiken, beef, but it has to be boiled, or fried, anything more, and I can only drink water!!!

This picture shows you the hiatal hernia, after and before a surgury.

sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

***SeCoNdArY ScHooL***

In this picture, I'm with my friends, we are in 3rd grade of secondary school. In this picture is Karen, Claudia, Lulú, Edna, Daniel, Roweena & me.

We used to be together during recess, we had a lot of great experiences that we still remember.

We were good friends, in that age of my life, I remember a lot of games, and different activities and jokes that we used to do.

I remember my friend KAren, she was always falling down, from the stairs, from the chair, in the classroom, in recess, in sports class, it doesn't matter where, she was always on the floor.

Edna & Daniel were always making jokes, Lulú and me were always helping them, and doing games, Roweena was always singing, she sings very well, in every party she used to sing, and Claudia was always angry about the jokes that we made her.